Songs from Northern Britain on Saturday

Well all I can say is those that went had a great time. Some fantastic bands playing. In fact I thought the Georgian stage upped the ante for every band who performed.

Days favourites Walt Disco, Swiss Portrait, Mi My, Gallus, TV Death, Linzi Clark and Flat Party.

Good chance we might lose this great day or it may go down to one a year. Support it or lose it. But if it goes or other venues close don't come on here moaning and whining about the lack of good venues and live music. These are the shows that need supporting not the QOTSA's of this world. I say that as someone going to The Globe on Monday.

A big thanks to TKASG, the TMA, Vic Galloway all the staff in both venues and last but not least all the bands who played. Bring it on next year.

What a top, top event. Great acts, all but one totally new to me. It is just so good having a BBC presenter introducing all the performers, it really lifts it and makes it special.
Very lucky to have this unique northern festival.
Didn't make it. Was at the Friday night gig which was well attended, Holy Moly and the Crackers, possibly their last tour.
Yep I was there. The Mrs loves 'em. We've got tickets for their farewell show at the Cluny in March(?)

One problem I had was actually buying tickets as Ticketweb had a "fault" and was not working with Mastercard, I had to get a mate with a VISA card to buy the tickets for me. Not sure if this might have affected the turnout for SFMB?
Gutted I missed both this year, one through injury and one through a very annoying scheduling **** up.
And that may have accounted for the low turn out after a good number chose the Friday night gig.

Didn't account for mine. That's fairly and squarely down to the misses and me already having my gigs get in the way several times this year.

On the Friday I would have gone to see Vistas who I also missed in May. Holy Moly are great, but I've seen them a good few times including twice this year. I suspect the last gig will be good and hopefully Conrad is there and he has a blast. Burn out is a difficult thing to get over. Takes time. Hopefully it helps. I suspect HM&TC will reappear now and then.
Am looking to write two reviews (with Tracy's photos) so hopefully that gives the event a little bit more post-gig publicty.
Also been talking today about a glimmer of hope for a new Mbro venue. Very early in the process as yet but would be a great position. Am not sure how long into the future it would be but hopefully it would be a Westgarth/Basecamp size space