Songbird new film on Amazon


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It’s 2023 COVID 23 and the world is in its 4th yr of lock down .
This might give us a glimpse into the future 😬 I
haven’t watched it yet looks ok based on the clip 😎👍
From the reviews:-

'Now I know many people have a disdain for Michael Bay, but I actually think that he brings some visual prowess to his projects however it's clear that his name was only attached for recognition purposes. This is neither anything visually bombastic or anything close to being a pulse pounding thriller. It's a very amateur romantic drama that focuses more on the interpersonal communication between characters as they struggle through the changing times. It becomes increasingly dragging and you just keep asking yourself what the real intent of the overall film really is.'

The trailer makes it look like a totally different film, not that I'm into any covid fan fiction anyway.