Someone is

Hope you’re right. He’d be the best from who we’ve been linked with.

I was told the same about Cattermole, but like most I don’t want him, and I don’t think it would be a popular choice. Who knows what’s going on.

Lets hope there’s an announcement tomorrow, but it doesn’t look like anything is imminent.
Starting to get tired of the speculation, ITK, new-name-linked daily, twice, thrice daily.

Just need to see the white smoke, get the cheesy PR press conference out of the way (reckon Gibson will make an appearance?) and get new coach/manager/puppet out on the training ground to get the sh*t sorted.
What really happened was someone overheard Gibson saying he's getting in his car to go to Catterick to meet someone called Rick.
I'd believe you if the little chef wasn't demolished a while back
Carrick doesn’t want to return to football, he wants to rebuild the little chef of the A19 and well runny undercooked eggs for £10 a pop

He only met Gibson as he was after some of the Strand Larson money to get him started. Luckily Steve Gibson had. I time for runny eggs. He’s a boiler man thru and thru
Valdas Dambrauskas
32 Games left
19 wins, 7 draws & 6 loses

77 points - straight into the play offs with the best of the balkans firing on all cylinders!!