Social Media Boycott


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I’ve deleted all my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. I’ll pop on here and a tennis forum, that’s it.

Edit - as in, I deleted all those social media accounts a few years back. They’re not healthy.
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From Middlesbrough Football Club -
We are calling on all members of the Teesside football family to join together to support this weekend’s Social Media Boycott.

Clubs across the Premier League, EFL, WSL and Women’s Championship are all switching off their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and we’re asking all our members of staff, fan groups, supporters, partners, and stakeholders to support the boycott.

The boycott, which is in response to the ongoing and sustained discriminatory abuse received online by players and many others connected to the sport, will run from 3pm on Friday April 30 to 11.59pm on Monday May 3.

We recognise that a social media boycott will not solve any issues overnight, but it’s a demonstration that we are all united in our condemnation of the abuse and delivers a clear message to the social media companies that we are demanding action from them.

As a club, we have a zero-tolerance approach towards all forms of abuse and discrimination, and along with our Foundation we work very hard in the community promoting equality and inclusion and sending out clear messages that abuse of all forms is not acceptable.

We are urging everyone to support the boycott and deliver a clear message on the subject.

The club’s social media accounts will be silent during the boycott as will those of all the players and senior staff. The boycott is a complete non-use of social media between 3pm Friday and 11.59pm on Monday and includes posting, sharing, liking and any form of engagement/interaction.