So how’s everyone’s pre match nerves ?


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I got a carton of Stella on offer at Sainsbury’s this afty 18 for £14 .

The stars are truly aligning at last boys and girls 👌

Ps who the hell is gonna go back to a pub
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We simply cannot afford to make a poor start tonight. I've been thinking about the match all week and I'm excited, but none of us want to be sitting in front of the screen at 5.10 with head in hands wondering where the fk our team is and what time they're going to turn up. Unfortunately that's a feeling we've had far too many times in the last few years.
I wonder if we'll go for the rugby style kick off again, but this time actually keep the ball in play and rush on and score within 30 seconds:)


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Like waiting for the dentist.

Hull have been awful. But Saturday showed they've got goals in them. Wigans plight will have lifted them a tadge as it has us.
We've got to be prepared to scrap like hell for anything.
It won't be pretty.