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This is a really interesting interview that Bernie Slaven gave me about his book Slaven Snaps, his Celtic supporting boyhood, how a phone conversation with his father's Celtic and Boro hero played a part in his move here..
What else? Comparing player contracts in the 80s and 90s to now. Neil Warnock's management style. And why Bernie started keeping scrap books.. I found it fascinating at the time. I didn't want to turn the recorder off. The result meant it was too long to go in the fanzine, just over half went in the Boxing Day issue but here for the first time is the entire interview, with the Cleveland Hills behind us.


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I was able to point out a bit of archaeology to Bernie - Battersby Moor Cross Ridge boundary a bank with some standing stones that carves across the ridge between the escarpment and Baysdale.
Are his holey socks to prove how poorly he was paid?:p Seriously though a great read from a fantastic player at a great time in Boro's history.


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Am I the only person on here who listens to his podcast?

He reads this board, for certain. Hi Bernie. Please can you edit down the loud/obnoxious intro that goes on forever.....