Sky sports through Virgin.

Matt, do you have anymore information on how you can do that?

I called up last week to cancel Sky Sports and Premier, 30 days notice (understandable) for a 17 quid reduction on a £114 bill.

Don't see anything online in my account reflecting the changes yet (could be the 30 days thing?) and no further options to amend packages. It annoys the hell out of me that these things can't be changed online as a matter of course (regardless of the current situation).


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This might not help but if it’s anything like through sky direct itself you still actually GET the channels. You just don’t pay for them. I paused my subscription and don’t pay but can still see the channels. Maybe this is what’s screwing up your bill?
OK thanks, I'll check it out. The advice received on the phone was completely at odds with all of the above but it would probably be too much to ask that a company's customer relations teams have any level awareness of said companies policies.

I'll try the pause feature above.