Sky series

Just bought a Now TV box with a free month of Entertainment.

So far we've watched Gangs of London, Chernobyl and Save Me which were all brilliant. Also watched I hate Suzie & Riviera which were meh

Any recommendations for our last couple of weeks? (we've watched GoT, The Tunnel)


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I'm up to 'I hate Suzie' episode 5 and been on it for 5 days.... Says it all (although I do like her dirt bag agent).

I recently watched Tin Star (2 series with 3rd and final coming in November)👍
Comey Rule looks good (out next week).

The classics are on still on there I think - The Wire, Sopranos, Boardwalk etc

Plot against America and The Deuce as well, although not sure if they're still on there.


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I couldn't really get into Tin star. Chernobyl, Gangs of London (fun fact, I walked past the Wallace house when they were filming the funeral scene. Obviously didn't know what it was until I recognised it months later) and Save me/Save me too are all excellent.

Riveria was visually and cinematically a treat. The story and acting were just terrible though.

The missus says I hate susie is rubbish but I quite like the sound of it

I think Billions and Veep are on Now TV? Both excellent.