Skunks gonna put their own coin into their club - when Mike Ashley flogs it.


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The 1892 pledge

its a good soundbite - but gives them little leverage - sometime in the future.

and depending on who buys the club, theres no guarantee that 'shares' will be available.

bhaang gans wor boycoutt
If the fans are part owners, when the club is struggling financially, will those same fans be required to put their hands in their pockets again to pay staff wages etc. Like Gibbo has done?


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£3757 now. At this rate of increase they should be sorted with the initial 3 million within 4 months.

Interesting idea, be interesting to see how much it takes off with a bit of publicity. I'm not sure it has legs. Can't be many who would setup a direct debit for something like this.


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Everyone has an equal vote no matter the figure invested. If we all pledge a quid could we vote to get the club liquidated? :unsure:
If I won a euro lottery jackpot.. I'd be very tempted to buy the club, sell all the players off, sell off the land for flats and sell the brand to an MLS franchise.

Obviously i'd blag that I was going to build a 'Geordie Nou Camp' so I could pre sell all the apartments at St James' Park

Minnesota Magpies anyone?


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The toon army couldn’t even pay Joelinton’s astronomical wages every month, how are they going to find the whole club’s monthly costs?

Stottie in the sky, hinny