Sir Keir Starmer


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The shock of it!

How dare he own a field he bought 24 years ago behind his disabled mothers house so she can keep and view donkeys she loved on!

It could be worth £10 million, if it wasn't on greenbelt land, which it is and had planning permission for houses, which it doesn't or is for sale, which it isn't!

Mail has outdone themselves here 🙄

That is an absolutely pathetic story. Sadly there are a large amount of people who won't see the details (e.g. he inherited a half share in his late parents' house, bought a field for his disabled mother to keep animals on which won't be worth anywhere near what the article says it is 'up to') and just see the headline with the imaginary numbers.


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The same day the Mail gets an exclusive from Johnson.

Starmer’s response.
He bought it for his late disabled mum to create a donkey sanctuary.
When she fully lost her mobility she could watch the donkey’s from the house.

Meanwhile Johnson was having an affair when his wife was having cancer treatment.

Sadly, only one winner in the end.


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this from James O'Brien on Twitter

"If you've got a few quid & want a fairer distribution of wealth & income, it's 'champagne socialism'. If you've not got a few quid & want a fairer distribution of wealth & income, it's the 'politics of envy'. I never cease to be amazed at the enduring success of this obvious con."

There's a few on here that subscribe to this logic.

On the article, almost the first line (after the ridiculous headline) is "seven acres of land that could be worth upto ten million" the caption on the picture says 70 houses that could be worth 10mill so which is it that's worth ten mill the empty pasture or the non-existant houses? Pathetic.

Obviously, instead of caring for his disabled mum he should have been out there cheating on his ill wife, fathering children and wasting public money, what an utter batsard.


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Also, it WOULD be worth £10 million IF he sold it to a property developer and THEY could make it into a £10 million development. At the moment it’s worth precisely whatever a small field with some donkeys in it is worth. Unless Starmer want’s to profit from it. Which he doesn’t