Should a public servant resign for breaking lockdown rules?


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Sadly, he’ll worm his way out of it and it will very publicly show there are different rules for them than there are for the rest of us.

And still the likes of Janet and Bob, working class people who have been ravaged by this government for a decade, will swallow their excuses and share supportive memes of poor Boris and his hard working team on social media.


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LK straight to his defence after she'd put the phone down from him ringing her, basically saying this is actually permitted under the 'One rule for them, another rule for us' policy.
Isn’t the policy something about ‘and in the darkness bind them’?



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Pretty sure the rules are to self isolate at home for 14 days, with the kids. Definately not drive for 5 hours while contagious with said kids to elderly relatives 🙄

astonishing that seems to be the defence. I'm sure the excuses will be refined as this develops (now lead story on BBC news, harder for them to ignore), but as with Trump it does seem the government has decided just straight faced lies will work with a significant enough number of people. Someone caught red handed breaking rules? Easy just insist the rules weren't broken despite all evidence to the contrary. The utter contempt they must have for their supporters to think they'll swallow this. Sad thing is, some of them probably will.


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He’s going nowhere ( sadly) this is the man who won the brexit vote, the man who masterminded a campaign that gave the tories one of their biggest post war election majority’s, and let not forget not only does he know where the bodies are buried he helped dig the graves.


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You MUST stay indoors, if you have any symptoms you MUST self isolate for 7 days if you live alone, or for 14 days if you have a family. There should be no unnecessary traveling and you should really only be outdoors for one short exercise per day, or to buy essential food from the shop. You shouldn't even contemplate sending children to grandparents. This should be common sense to all, if you've had the symptoms or indeed have been diagnosed with Covid-19 then you must stay at home. FULL STOP*

* unless you're Dominic Cummings whereby you're so poorly you can't look after your own children and isolate like everyone else had to, but aren't so unwell you can't travel 300 miles to your parents house.

This Government are SCUM, sorry to be so direct but its true. They show complete contempt for everyone and no longer even try to hide the fact. We are the least democratic country in Europe. It's disgusting and the worst aspect of it are the millions of willfully blind sheep supporting them.

But hey, it could have been worse, we could have had Jerermy Corbyn running the show :rolleyes: