Sheff United v Blackburn

Alternative take to the feelgood factor is that they're distracted, players are avoiding inquiry in the lead up and then demoralised when Arsenal, Brighton or City take them apart in the semi.
Good game that.

Personally I think the players will have one eye on playing at Wembley, some of the players won’t be there next season and an FA Cup semi final will be massive for them.

Whether that means they try to avoid injuries or just mentally it takes it’s toll, who knows, but I can only think that’s a good result for us.

We dropped off last year when we all got a bit too obsessed with the cup, amongst other things, let’s not forget.
I want them to get to the final, they will be avoiding bookings, injuries etc in their own individual battle to be available for that historic day.
Their fixture congestion is going to be ridiculous. They have to play 10 games in 38 days. You can do the maths and realise that's not a lot of rest for their squad
I decided to do the maths. Boro have 8 games to play in 38 days. That's an average period of 4.75 days between games. Sheffield United have an average of 3.8 days between games.

So essentially Boro are getting an additional days rest over Sheff U for each game we play.

That is massive. Their current game in hand on us won't be played until two weeks before the end of the season, by which point they may have already slipped up and we might be in front of them.