Share The Love - Food Bank Appeal Tomorrow


Fans Forum is making another appeal tomorrow for Middlesbrough Food Bank - please bring a bit of shopping, a tin or two in your pockets for the collection van - behind North Stand. There is a list linked of what items the Food Bank is currently short on and more info. Please help feed those going hungry in Middlesbrough.
Food Bank Details


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Thanks for the reminder - I will do my best - I know some people are desperate at present - unbelievable in an affluent country like the UK who managed to feed everyone well during a U Boat blockade in 1940/41, but can't in 2020.


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Please don't forget to pop a tin of food in your pocket before you leave for the game.
Food bank collrction - van parked outside North Stand ticket office.


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I will donate but increasingly I’m thinking that by supporting food banks all I am doing is propping up a Tory government that couldn’t care less along with the 45% who put them back into power.

At some point this has to stop.