SEE Monster


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Part of the unboxed series of events and funded with 120 million pounds of public money. Art apparently.

What a waste this looks and in particular this SEE Monster which is basically an old rig with some renewables and a few plants on it, open for the public to walk on, for 5 weeks. It will then be taken to bits and scrapped. Any rubbish will be sustainably disposed of (which you would expect on any government project or sustainability event).

What better place to show off a North Sea rig than Weston super mare which is of course on the North Sea and is steeped in history of extracting oil on gas (I’m obviously taking the ****)

From what I can see on the website there 10 events taking place around the country, the closest to us is 1 part of 1 event in newcastle (I might have missed something)

Who even signed this off? I don’t fall out with some of the other events as they look to be fairly low cost for what they return. This SEE Monster is without doubt the largest bulk of the money which could and should have been spent elsewhere.
I forgot to add, this project is also about repurposing old industrial buildings and infrastructure rather than building new. We continue to just pull ours down
I actually quite like it as a thing just being there. Not worth the money obviously but I prefer it to temenos, for example, or the redcar beacon, pier thing whatever it's called.

Seems daft that it's there for such a short time.
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I know the Weston super Mare area well, as I used to live just up the road.

It is being built in an old sea front swimming pool, you cant swim in the sea at Weston due to mud.
Due to delays they have missed the summer season, and so doubtful as to who will visit.

It is hosted in an area that Banksy hosted Dismaland, which was absolutely horrendous but sis pull in some visitors.

Looks like a massive waste of money myself.