good news coming out of the club.

If you were going to renew anyway and can afford it, I am sure the club could use the money. Lots of organisations will be affected by poor cash flow in the current situation, MFC included I imagine.

Apologies if I have missed it, but I think a statement from the club safeguarding the pay of the non playing and matchday staff wouldn't go amiss.
Just seen that Derby County have done the same today. I am part of an FSA group asking this question around other Championship clubs and so far most clubs have NOT made any announcements of deadline extensions - but I think now once Boro and Derby have acted others are sure to follow.
Boroproud - I didn't comment after your email reply but I had been talking to the club about this and presenting a strong case with examples of how people couldn't afford to pay at the moment. I think it was a case of things moving so quickly withthe virus and the government response and they needed to step back to see what was happening.
Now other clubs will surely follow suit.
I think as I said to them we can really now pull together club and the community for the good of the community.
As far as I know Boro were the first Championship club to extend the early bird deadline - although Cardiff City had already put all new season tickets on hold.
Derby followed Boro this morning with a similar announcement and am wondering if we will see other clubs following suit. Leeds sent an email to fans yesterday reminding them that the early bird deadline was approaching at the end of this week!
As I posted a couple of days ago, I expected the club to do this. I too was surprised at the silly update reiterating the original deadline, but they really didn't have much of a choice with this.
They really now have a great opportunity to alter their pricing strategy. I hope they get it right and then get a huge uptake.