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Think he's done OK. I'm his biggest critic (more due to fee payed... Not his fault).

I don't think he offers anything less than Howson. Think they are 'same old same old' CMs who graft.

I do like Morsy in his first few games. He's always breaking up play and 'tactical' fouls.


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Can somebody tell me what he brings to the team ? Pi$$ Poor.
Just don't see it. One thing I've really noticed during this game is his lack of movement off the ball. There was a moment when I think Akpom was holding the ball up in our own half and Saville had space to move into but just stood there about 5 yards away from Akpom. Give your teammates an option.


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Take him off and bring Roberts on. Saville is bound to be fatigued after being on international duty to be fair so would make sense to take him off.


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We swapped Bamford for Saville.

pulis should never work in the game again just for that decision alone!

future captain my ****, stealing a living for over 2 years now


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Also don't rate Saville unfortunately. Hard to imagine him scoring 10 in a season. Must have been a very different player back then.

Nothing special as usual today, but he did get in their way a few times. That's about as good as I can say for him.