Satans Slaves Motorcycle Club

I remember seeing those jackets on people, and the Monkey Hanger motorcycle enthusiasts from Hartlepool, both in the Talbot in Stockton.
I remember Eston Square had a bunch of bikers for a while who'd ride in and use the Royal as their drinking place - one of them was a big lad called Fergie or Fergo - something like that. They did have some sort of badge but I cannot recall wheat it was - skull / devil type of thing. There's be weekend nights when it'd kick off when the local nutters felt like having a go at them.
The two "gangs" that used to come into the Rock Garden on a Friday night in the late 70s were The Monkey Hangers and The Navigators (presumably based at the pub).
they used to goin the linny in the 80s,i remember one day there was a funeral wake for one of them and chapters came from all over the country.there was never any bother with any of them
A lot of Harley riders are members of a local HD chapter. Both myself and my other half rode Harley Davidson motorcycles for a number of years and were members of the St. Leger chapter which was based in Doncaster. They did a lot for charity, with Santa runs at Christmas and Easter egg runs at Easter for children in need and those who were poorly in Hospital. They also raised and donated to the Air ambulance and hospices. It was fun, we had our own annual rally which took place over a weekend with ride outs, competitions and live bands. We also rode far and wide to rallies abroad including Belgium, France, Portugal and Austria.
We brought a lot of interest and happiness to a lot of people who were less fortunate.
Not everyone who rides a custom bike and wears leathers are thugs and criminals, most are just enthusiasts wanting to live the dream!
I wasn't talking about Hells Angels. There is a lot of bike gangs who dont want the publicity that comes with Hells Angels.

I am also aware of the charity work that bikers do. I am part of a group that collects for the air ambulance, organise the christmas toy runs to the local hospitals and also the easter egg runs. We regularly escort our fallen bikers and families when they pass away, along with taking kids to their proms.
My family have been into bikes, since my granny had one of the first motorcycles in Leeds just after WW1.
I think I’d prefer to be in the Galloping Goose Motorcycle club..

or maybe start my own.. ‘The Honey Badgers’ HBMC
Didn't we all start a gang a few years ago. We planned to meet at someone shed, drink piNeapple squash. We just liked to say we were in a gang.

There was a very long thread about it as I recall
I’ve lived close to a Chapter of Hells Angels for the last 13 years. They keep themselves to themselves but put a gig on every year and invite the locals. Quite a few of them live on their site permanently. They use the shops in the village and appear mostly to be blokes in their 50s and 60s. I’ve never heard of anyone locally having a bad word about them. I regularly walk the dog past their HQ and they’ll always give you a nod if you see them.