Saints v Geordies


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Anyone know what the law is any more?

VAR, HUH, What is it good for?

Same as it was last season.

If the player who scores handled it in the build-up, accidentally or otherwise, it's disallowed.

If it's an accidental handball from a player who didn't score, it's allowed.

In our case, Watmore handled it and it was deemed to be accidental, Crooks scored.


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Resigned myself to the fact the Geordies are going to win this cup, and the Geordies I know being even more unbearable than they currently are when talking about football!


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BBC Look Tyne, "If they win the League Cup it'll be their first major trophy since 1969". It would be their first major trophy since 1955, the Fairs Cup not recognised by UEFA, however the LC it's a nothing trophy, they claimed, when we were magnificent in February 2004. As far as winning the top flight league nobody alive saw them winning that. ITV Geordie TV and BBC Look Tyne will have specials tonight, which I won't be watching.