Roger Whittaker

I hate to hear people whistle and find it infuriating but Whittaker's whistling was like him playing a wind instrument as he took it to another level. He had a lovely clear voice and recorded some classics but one of my favourites is 'You are the Wind Beneath my Wings.'


One of my dad’s favourites, he would often sing Roger Whitaker, Matt Monroe and The Seekers songs. I very much grew to appreciate Roger Whitaker as a result. Another sad loss from my childhood years gone but not forgotten. The song of his my dad sang the most was probably this one below, I occasionally sing a few bars myself in his honour to this day.

R.I.P. Roger, thanks for the memories, God Bless.

Found him quite depressing to listen to. From the same stable as hearing the theme to Sing Something Simple on a Sunday afternoon. RIP though !
I will be whistling all day in tribute. Memories of his guest appearances over the years in such shows as Val Doonican Show, Lulu, Des O'Connor, Cannon and Ball - in fact probably every light entertainment series you can think of back then!
He was very big in Germany. 1970s icon and as OP says it’s always sad to say farewell to them when they do leave.