Roger Whittaker Brown !!! 🙁

Around 1965 he came to play at the Sporting Club in South Bank. He must have had some spare time and my dad got chatting with him, probably in a South Bank pub or my dad was driving a taxi. Anyway my dad ended up bringing him to our little 2 bed semi bungalow in Ormesby for my mam to cook him a meal etc. My mam said he gave me silver spoon, I was too young to remember. Surprised me as 2 young Teesside working class parents would do that. I only found out about 7 or years ago too.

Looking at his Wikipedia profile he fought in Kenya in the mid 1950s. in the Kenya Regiment, when my dad was there too, which gave them something in common.
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Him and his missus, Natalie, lived just up the from a friend of ours in the same village in France. He had been ill for quite sometime and didn’t leave the house much, not at all toward the end. My wife met her a few times. Lovely lady apparently.