Rod Stewart ringing sky today

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The irony is, this thread is that perfect example of why the people of this country will keep being manipulated by their right wing ‘masters’
Give them ‘now’ TV and eastenders and they are happy with their lot, by the time they get ill it’ll be too late after their wait…
And so it goes on….

Not only is the uk the ‘sick man of Europe’ but the ‘thick man’ too


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When I rang up about my bill the bloke from Sky said "I don't want to talk about it ",
I replied "my next door neighbour has just been offered a better deal than me, some guys have all the luck ! "


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On the Sarah Jane mee show…..

‘Get this bloody government out. I’ve always been a Tory but they need to go.
Poor nurses and people dying needing scans.
I’ll pay for 10 or 20 or so for people and hope others will follow…..but this government needs to stand down and give labour a go.’
‘I’ve never seen this country so bad’

He was candid and frank.

Wow. Incredible….big applause 👏 mate….
Rod Stewart - that’s where we are. Rod Stewart has rang up ‘the news’ to tell us that our government is not up to scratch and the next version of this government should be allowed to be ushered in.. under his support. Rod Stewart.


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On the Sky News ticker tape across the bottom of the screen, it merely said that Rod was offering to pay for scans. No mention of his call to rid the country of the Tories.