Richard Millward


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Anyone ever read his books? The fella has been working full-time shifts as a Royal Mail sorter for the past few years and writing his latest novel in the evenings. Respect. i might buy at least one of his books when I get paid just to support him. he's clearly talented and it's a shame he can't devote himself to his craft full time.

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Not Richard Millward, but I love Dan Rhodes books and he’s been working as a postman too the last few years.

Not a lucrative profession being an author, unless you get lucky like Richard Osman who’s books are ridiculously successful, despite being not that good imo.
I used to drink with him in the linny, sound lad and very modest about his books. I'm sure I remember asking him to sign my Apples book but never got him to do it. Haven't read ten story love song but coincidentally someone was messing me about it today so I will get myself a copy.
I read Ten Story Love - set in a fictional Peach House - read like one one of those ten storey blocks of flats at Brambles Farm, that I noticed have now been pulled down.

I enjoyed it - about a sort of Banksy of the Boro and his girlfriend that worked on the sweet counter of BHS.

Some have said he's a lower middle class young guy from Guisborough writing about struggling people on the social housing estates of Middlesbrough, and he can't really know what its like. I am not sure about that. My background is probably similar to Richard, but some my family also came from the roughest parts of South Bank and Eston. Maybe Richard is the same.