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I finally bothered my **** to complain about the bias consistently on display on QT and the dreadful Fiona Bruce. It’s just another Tory propaganda tool masquerading as impartial, and I’m fed up of the public funding such blatant misuse of the BBC.
Probably a waste of time but I guess quiet activism has to start somewhere -

She wears an earpiece in which she receives directions from the control room.
A lot of her interventions are a lot less spontaneous than we think, instructions coming all the time, especially closing down speakers.
Which she did continuously with…..well guess who?

Johnny Vincents Motorbike

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58-year-old Bruce is married to Nigel Sharrocks, who is the CEO of Carat Global Management Limited, an advertising company. After she was accused of gagging an audience member on Question Time, it was identified that the company owned by Bruce’s husband had received £3.9m from the Conservative government to advertise government policies. This, many critics say, is the reason of Bruce’s alleged biases in favour of the Tory. The BBC has refused to take action against her despite repeated allegations of biases.

Carat (Centrale d'Achats Radio, Affichage, Télévision ) are a subsidiary of Dentsu International headquarters in London - who are themselves a subsidiary of Dentsu of Tokyo.

so you can see a link as to why fiona bruce has inherited and promotes her conservatory party bias - its bang for the buck !