Q we posed at the game today have you ever seen us play better than we are now


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Yes, this is the best. Been going since the early 80's. Loved the rioch years but I have never seen us dominate teams like we are now. That's not to say we weren't a better team in the past, but compared to our weekly opponents this is the most complete.

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Again before the game some one asked when was the last time we lost at home.

And we couldn’t remember.

Incredible but when was the last time you couldn’t remember us losing at home.


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Not as consistently well as this. I remember liking coming back for matches under Karanka because you knew we would probably win. There was a flash of that under Wilder for a short while too.

But now it's even better. You know we'll probably win, play well and score a few too. My son has never seen us lose after going 7 or 8 times. This is what you dream of when getting repeatedly swept aside in the Premier League, but as we and many others have discovered is actually really, really difficult when you're in this league.


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Good question! (As our next home game is against Burnley I wish that you hadn’t asked it. ) Probably in the long unbeaten run in Jack Charlton’s first season it would be hard to remember when we last lost home or away.


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17 August 1996LiverpoolH3–330,039Ravanelli (3, 1 pen)
4 September 1996West Ham UnitedH4–130,060Emerson, Mustoe, Ravanelli, Stamp
7 September 1996Coventry CityH4–029,811Ravanelli (2), Juninho (2)

I thought we had cracked it after the first 3 home games of this season!
Imagine a team with Ravanelli and Phil Stamp. As if that was a think.

After those 2 wins I really thought we could win the league. We were so, so good. And that was when Juninho decked Julian Dicks wasn't it?
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