Problems with MFC videos using Chrome?

Anyone having problems playing videos from the MFC website using Chrome?

I must watch something every day. Had no problems whatsoever until yesterday when I tried to watch the pre match press conference. The page loads up but the screen stays black and doesn't start playing. Checked other videos on MFC and same problem with them all now. I have not as yet come across any other website where videos wont play, just MFC. Matchday live is still fine and all the videos play ok using Edge.


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I've had exactly the same problem on Chrome using my Android tablet for a while now.
As you say, it doesn't happen on any other sites and Matchday Live works fine (although that is through the app).
I'd just assumed it was a problem with my hardware and if a video particularly took my fancy I would just watch it on my laptop later on.
I've had problems recently with a few sites not working properly on chrome. Seems to concide with micorsoft pushing Edge but maybe I'm just suspicious. There's a Chrome addon called IE Tab that I've found fixes this issue on these sites. You need to enable it on a per site basis though.