Probably going to get another Tory MP in the north east


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Alex Cunningham stepping down at next selection. Last vote saw his 8k majority reduced to 1k.

Tory shill machine roll call in the comments section on the gazette as you would expect.


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My prediction is that 2019 was a high watermark for the Conservatives, because it was a Brexit dominated election and in most seats they were the only party pushing for a 100% leave, certainly for leaving the Single Market. It became an election about does the UK leave the EU (inc Single Market) or not. The Tory gains in 2019 were mainly the leave seats. The only Labour gain was Putney a middle class strongly remain area. This Brexit election will not happen again.

Starmer is pretty bland, but that is probably a positive as poor Corbyn was pecked to death by the media, the opposition and even some of his own party. His past legacy gave them too much ammunition.

However Labour will really struggle to get a majority as they seemed to have lost Scotland for ever. This was a core heartland say in the Blair years.

Ref Stockton North - will the Labour Party back the levelling up agenda is a key issue for me. I can see it on social issues but what about economic and industrial regeneration?
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As it stands there won't be a general election for over 2 years, and he's not retiring until there is one.

A lot can happen in that time.


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You know what your voting for when you vote Tory.
Profit before people.
It seems the thinking is that if the rich get richer some of their wealth trickles down to the poor eventually.
The food banks will always be available under a Tory government thanks to the kindness of those that have something to spare.
I would like to be in a position where we don't need them at all but I don't know if the Labour party or any other political party is fully on board with that.


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Nowadays you don't know what you are voting for with Labour or the Tories. Both now resemble coalitions dominated by liberal elites. The question being is this just temporary, or is real change coming.

This explains it better but does go on a bit, unfortunately.