Priti Patel keeps her job


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2 male and 2 female in the big 4 jobs of State, and representation covering Asian origin. Not really a vote loser.
It would be if the voting public realised one of them was a corrupt and power hungry autocratic liar, one a sociopathic nasty bully, another wanted the poors to die during the covid lockdowns so he could try and keep inflation down and the other it Lizz Truss.

I know you're a Tory shill but you really should have more self respect if you think we should have to put up with this.


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No sense in appointing any of those to the positions they now have

Bet their names and positions were drawn out of a hat just like in Harry Potter


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Hope some support networks have been put in place for Raab, imagine what it must feel like to find out your boss thinks Liz Truss is more competent than you (at anything).
That's true that. I'm not his biggest fan but getting three new fake jobs can't hide the gross indignity of being replaced by Lizz Truss


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Our country has become a laughing stock.
It really has hasn't it?

You thought brexit made us look backwards and stupid? Now, we still have that and we have Liz Truss as Foreign Secretary. Liz Truss!

I mean we are being actively masochistic now. We seem desperate to prove how dumb we are.


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I don't think that grass is any greener.

Attitudes like this are a big part of the reason we are where we are.

God knows there's plenty to criticise labour for, but even in their current state they can't lay a glove on the Tories for levels of corruption and incompetence.