# Pritawful


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Trending on Twitter after another horrendous performance at today’s public briefing.
Apparently there are positives as lots of things have gone down during lockdown!
Some great comments on Twitter about what has gone down including violence at football matches and calls for police to attend fights in bars / nightclubs!


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"We want people to get back living as normally as we would like them to"

She spoke those exact words, in public, on live TV. Very sinister. Who are the 'we'? What is their definition of normal?

This **** becomes more and more ridiculous every day.


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Boris to Patel - Right Priti you need to tell the nation tonight if they travel abroad upon their return they must isolate for 14 days.
Patel to Boris - OK Bjob, I’ve got it, if people go on holiday abroad they have to isolate for 3 weeks when they get back
Boris slaps head in disbelief