Pre- Season Friendlies Today?

Trippier injured too. Right before the euros in a problem area.

Superb stuff. Not.
I suppose most of the players are waiting for the Euros, and when they do come back they will have missed most of the pre-season and build up matches. I don't usually agree with clubs in these type situations but when else can they do it with the quality players on show?
Imagine missing the Euros because you get injured in that farce . Is it on because Ange needed to return home to stock up on Kangaroo pies ?
I don't know why I'm playing Devil's advocate,
maybe I got out of bed the wrong way but here goes again.
I think the fixture congestion is more about maintaining the teams highest levels amongst all the players during their real fixtures especially with players carrying injuries etc. In friendlies you can step back off the pace and make it more relaxed, and also you will get injuries no matter what, look at Tommy Smith against Real Betis, it was a complete joke of a tackle by him that led to his own injury and really set the tone for injuries in the season just going out.
environment wise its an absolute scandal.

Big Ange is more of a Greek gadgie than Aussie - cant see him on the kangaroo pie, more likely a Spanakopita would be the preference.......Mmmmmm..

Devil's Advocate( I'm not getting paid by the Premier) 3rd defence.
It's only an absolute scandal if they chartered a flight, they might have, otherwise going on a regular scheduled flight then the flight was happening anyway. By going over there they might have stopped more fanatical fans from travelling over here to see them, so if it's just about people travelling then it might be a plus.
Most of us want England to do well, but it's the club who pay the players wages. Also with FFP every club uses every avenue open to them to stretch their spending ability.

I'm going to stop being a pain today and do some washing and find a place to watch Leverkusen.
Newcastle have another game there on Friday v an Aussie side "to grow the game of Newcastle" (Eddie Howe)