Post your little known musical factoids

My mum worked in the Swan back in the mid 70's, prolly a bit before your time
Yes I started there 1982, it was owned by a Polish family called the Polaseks ( excuse spelling ) my Mum did work there for a short time also .I am sure your Mum would know Vi who worked in the steak house around the same time.
Scousers will be fuming at your attempt at Wexfords finest ! - :ROFLMAO:

with an audience of under 50 (nearer 40) the Sex Pistols Gig at the Manchester Free Trade Hall in 1976 had;

Stephen Patrick Morrissey - The Smiths

Bernard Sumner - Joy Division / New Order

Mark E Smith - The Fall

Howard Devoto - Buzzcocks (promoted the gig & worked the door)

Peter Shelley - Buzzcocks (promoted the gig and worked the door)

Peter Hook - Joy Division /New Order

Jonathon Ormrod - Jon the Postman

Tony Wilson - TV Presenter & Factory Records

Paul Morley - Music Journalist

Peter Saville - Designer

Malcolm Garret - Designer

Kevin Cummins - Photographer

& future members of Frantic Elevators / Simply Red & A Certain Ration

in the audience.
Also at Manchester Free Trade Hall, this time in 1966…

Then Keele University student, Keith Butler instigated a famous moment in rock history by angering young folkie turning electric Bob Dylan into yelling to his bandmates to “PLAY IT FUKCING LOUD!!” in responding to Butler’s claim of “JUDAS”.

Before emigrating to Canada in the early ‘70s, Keith had worked for a couple of years at Lackenby Steel Works, Redcar.


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Jerry Lee Lewis, like every night, came on stage while his backing band played a rousing riff….crowd is going mad, he’s doing a regal stroll to the piano soaking up the adulation.
He starts the show by lifting the lid of the piano keyboard so it slams open, the band stop on the slam, he hits a chord….then they’re off.
Gets to the piano goes for the lid…Nothing the lid is still locked. So he signals the band to continue the riff while he tries a nonchalant stroll back to the wings…gets there says to the piano roadie very politely …”Key please” gets it with a gracious “Thank you very much”
Then hits the guy knocking him flat out. And strolls back to the piano and starts the show as planned.
In the mid-80s, Alison Moyet co-wrote some songs with a 'Jean Guiot', including the hit 'Is This Love'. Mr Guiot was in fact Dave Stewart of Eurythmics.

Similarly, Billy Bragg recorded Walk Away Renee, which entailed him reciting a piece of prose over the top of an acoustic version of the Four Tops song, exquisitely played by 'Duane Tremolo' - which was in fact Johnny Marr.
Little known fact it's a Left Banke song Don't Walk Away Renee covered by Four Tops.
Tiny Tim actually had a basso profundo singing voice.
The voice on his recordings is actually Pinky, of Pinky and Perky fame.