Post Office - reduced service.

While in the front garden today, had a quick chat with our regular postie ( from a safe distance )
He said that our local delivery office normally has a staff of 49 but as of this morning they are now down to just 26 due to illness / self isolation.
They are having to reduce frequency of deliveries and said next time he would be round would be next Monday of Tuesday if they can.

So think before you order anything non essential on line, as will only clog up an already very stretched system. They are not immune.
Whilst it is annoying, that junk mail keeps the post office going as they are paid to deliver it alongside the post and might not be useful to me and you, might be useful if someone needs to order food in. it provides income up a chain too through marketing firms and the business being marketed, their suppliers and delivery people.

Our local ones have stopped though. I know a lad that helps make leaflet campaigns and some of their longstanding clients have gone bust, which is a nightmare for them due to credit terms.
Work for one of the big delivery company. We are already 40% down on parcels with next week looking down by 75%. Definitely think drivers will be cut back soon.
Hi Kosovo could I pick your brains a moment please . I bought a jet wash online Tuesday from screwfix.
I thought of its delivery next day as ambitious. I ain’t had a whisper from them online after no delivery . Naturally they’re gonna have staffing issues but with your insight is worth my holding my breath . Cheers