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I'm not saying for one moment that 60+ are all millionaires. The majority of working age people also have to do that. Do you have any idea how difficult it is for the younger generations to afford a house these days? If they have kids and have to pay childcare costs etc that just makes things worse. Finding the money to go to a football match is beyond a larger percentage of that age group than the 60+ agree group. All that scrimping and saving to get to a match and then the wealthy bloke sitting next to you is paying less seems unfair.

I remember Rob commenting on how large a percentage our season tickets were that were concessions. Proportionally more children and seniors are buying season tickets than regular Adult tickets and it's no surprise because the majority of working age adults are being priced out. On top of that, they are the ones that are less likely to have a season ticket because of working commitments so are stuck paying even higher walk up prices.

I just don't see how it can be justified as fair that someone of a certain age gets cheaper tickets by default. Gibson himself is 65 and if he and I went to a match together he'd get a discount and I wouldn't and he's a lot wealthier than I am. If the 65+ can't afford to go then why is that more deserving of a discount than the 21-65s that can't afford to go?

I'm not saying the pensioners should pay more than the adults. As above, somewhere in the middle for both would be better so everyone pays the same.
Fair point, but I doubt (in my own opinion) that it would ever happen. I do appreciate how difficult it is for the younger generations, I do have nephews and nieces in the same boat. However, believe it or not it was like that when we were younger too.
We didn’t have rich parents who could send us to university or get us on the housing ladder, just like today for the young people, it was all done through hard graft.
Anyway, regardless to us having differing views, let’s keep supporting the Boro 😄