Popstastic cheesy pop songs, love em

Ex pfc wintergreen

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A lot of those songs are well crafted pop tunes, an art in itself. “ keep on dancing” early rollers single complete with drop out half way through ( a favourite in dub reggae) is great, ABBA, ring ring another. Happy to play stuff like that in a YouTube session.


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Erimus man, I try to meet you halfway, I really do.... and then you go and daub this sh*t all over the fmttm walls! You're a lost cause, my friend :eek:
Sorry Harry, I'm a lost cause mate 😔

When we travelled to away games in the 80's, every week we went away, at 1st we would share cars & you played your cassettes, they would play, Stones & Rose, Blue, Oasis, Happy Mondays etc, I would play 70's glam rock to Whitney Houston, so we ent in the same car most journeys 😳😔


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I was a suede head an got into blues, ska and Trojan sounds - I couldnt stand disco and TOTP`s.
Mates had Harrington`s, Levi`s or Sta-press - later added pork-pie hats and Fred Perry shirts.
Did a bit of pogo-ing at the odd Jam and Clash concert.
Shuffled some powder under them leather-soled brogues to that Northern Soul Groove......mmmmmm

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