Poll : Would you like VAR in the championship?

Would you like to see VAR in the championship?

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With news that uefa are to bring VAR into the europa cup starting this month, would you like to see the championship follow suit and bring VAR into our league?


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Not as things stand. Change the offside rule to be clear daylight between attacker and defender and that would probably get rid of most of my annoyances


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Only a matter of time. Get rugby union, League or cricket administrators to implement it.


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No. but the laws of the game should be the same no matter what level it is at. By that I mean it should be up to the referee to implement them, not someone miles away watching a TV screen.


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Not for me, prefer to put my trust in even some of the poorer refs we have tbf.

The time taken for some decisions is ridiculous. The offside decisions are far too trivial, a finger, a shoulder, a foot. If it isn't clear and obvious then go with the officials decision please. I would prefer the captains to be given one appeal each per half to ask the video ref to judge and leave everything else to the refs.


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No hopefully not,it's ruining the game.
There is no more instantaneous excitement anyone, no one knows if a goal has been scored or not.
I'm all for goal line technology but not VARIETY.


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I don't really have a problem with it in principle but a balance must be found between getting the right decision and disrupting the game.

Perhaps a time limit for the review to take place?

If an offside is so close that it takes more than say 45 seconds for them to decide then the benefit of the doubt goes to the forward. Similarly if a they can't decide on a foul or handball in a similar time then they go with the refs original ruling.