PM's speech skills rubbing off on Nadine Dorries


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This is the loon in charge of Media in this country.

The government is an absolute shambles and needs to be brought down.
But the brexit cultists will forgive them. We have a similar situation that they have in the USA under trump.
The worse they get the more popular they seem to be.
As long as they think they are putting the great back in britian and giving johnny foreigner a bloody nose a good chunk will continue to vote Tory, helped by the MSM to keep the wealthiest in power and luxury


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The underlying philosophy of Johnsonism, of which Dorries is very much a flag waver, is do as I say not do as I do, the underlying hypocrisy of creating exceptions in themselves and expecting others to follow dissonant policy shows a massive misstep in my opinion and setting examples is a way of showing strong leadership and governance.


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Everyone mustn’t make the mistake that a number of ministers in the Johnson cabinet are actually there because they display any kind of competence. It’s quite obvious they don’t.
Their true roll can only be that of ‘Lightning Rods’. It seems to work….for Johnson😉


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A "Politics Joe" video in which she defames Mr. James O'Brien of LBC to the Select Committee and if that wasn't abhorrent enough tries to play the victim of misogyny as a "woman in politics" when it is her that is trying to use her position to silence valid criticism and by doing so makes it more difficult for real victims of misogyny to get a sympathetic hearing. Vile woman.

Oh and don't forget the "swass stickers" she alleged had been daubed on Tory posters...

Thick and revolting. How did she get selected to stand as an MP? It beggars belief that she might somehow have been the best option on a list of potential candidates!


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Ah I see the plan was scrapped.

In 2007, owing to severe funding difficulties, the channel sought government help and was granted a payment of £14 million over a six-year period. The money was to have come from the television licence fee, and would have been the first time that money from the licence fee had been given to any broadcaster other than the BBC.[47] However, the plan was scrapped by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Andy Burnham, ahead of "broader decisions about the future framework of public service broadcasting".[48] The broadcasting regulator Ofcom released its review in January 2009 in which it suggested that Channel 4 would preferably be funded by "partnerships, joint ventures or mergers"