Personnel Protection Clothing


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Once we get out the other side of this, I hope we look at how this could have been avoided.

We should all be issued with protective clothing - the paper suits, masks, gloves and hats. We should all be trained how to wear it properly and how to dispose of cleanly.

Every household should be required by law to have their protection gear in place, along with key essentials like hand cleaner, toilet paper, medicines etc. Canned foods.

As soon as a virus like this is found we should all go into using the gear and going into social distancing mood. Movement across borders and especially air travel needs instant tesyrictions

this virus could have been stooped in its tracks ages ago if the powers that be had properly considered and thought through the consequences of a pandemic.

A bit of careful but simple planning would have saved our economies, prevented massive job loss and in the scheme of things, the cost to each household would be minimal.

once we are through this, governments need to get together and agree a response to future virus strains.

when a new virus is identified that country needs to be locked down with the rest of the world providing economic and resource support.

We have been failed by our governments and world leaders.

we have to start putting people before profit.