Paul Merson Documentary


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How can you have any sympathy for all that he has gone through advertising a betting company.

he’s a hypocrite pure and simple
I think he’s in a position where he pretty much has to take whatever is offered to him or at least he feels that’s the case. It doesn’t justify his choice but I’m sure it’s something he consciously battles with and regrets having to do every time.


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After the problems with and subsequent departures of Fabrizio Ravanelli, Emerson and Juninho, Middlesbrough have been outraged by Merson's comments, and Lamb said: "Everyone connected with Middlesbrough has been let down by Paul Merson: the fans, the players, his friends.
"Paul Merson knew how the club had been treated by other international players and when he came here he went on record saying that he would never treat the club that way. He has just treated the club in exactly the same way and I hope he treats his new club better.

"If he takes a moment to reflect, I hope he will remember how everybody bent over backwards to accommodate him and his family's particular problems, how the club baby-sat his children.
"If this is his way of repaying us I find it strange, and to say the club lacks ambition is a nonsense. We've built a new stadium, a new training ground and Bryan has spent over #50 million on players - all in the last four years.
"And to say his fellow players are drinkers and gamblers is a slur and a libel. All the other players at the club are suffering because of this and people will read his comments and again be calling Middlesbrough a Mickey Mouse club."
As if his initial tirade was not sufficient, Lamb added: "To say Paul Merson was driven out is a lie."


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We're all hypocrites, every one of us. He's a human being afflicted with an addiction which has badly damaged him and those around him. Surely anyone in this position deserves some semblance of sympathy?
Evening Harry.
Knew of someone in their 40`s whose addiction to gambling started by stumbling across a gambling site online, in their dinner break.
They were in a high Managerial position and eventually lost their job and nearly the house and their marriage.
Calling someone a "hypocrite", not only shows how ignorant people are, but completely misses the point about how easy it is to be duped into gambling.
Gambling companies use advertising - because it brings in billions a year - and they want to get people addicted.
They dont pay for the consequences.
Its no different to alcohol or drug addiction.
Its not about wanting to gamble, but having a compulsion to gamble.
Its not about wanting to "win", but about the fear of losing.
Thats what makes it destructive.
People commit suicide because of addiction to gambling, just like all other addictions.
It takes a realisation of their addiction, then a brave admittance of the need to change, then the first big step to make that change.
The idea that people can "man up" is like telling someone who experiences depression - [and has the well off lifestyle of a footballer] - that they have loads of material goods and should be happy!
"Whats wrong with you?!!"
"Its your own fault"!
"Why dont you just stop"!
"You`re a hypocrite"!
Its not like that.

Its flippin disgusting that the Boro have "Red 32" on their shirts as it gives legitimacy to gambling. All this "When the fun stops, stop!" and "gamble responsibly" is ballhox.



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I have every sympathy for the evil of gambling and those that suffer from it and agree with every word.

but as I say for Mersin to know the implications and then advertise a gambling site is hypocritical.

Absolutely spot on and I'm pretty sure he earns enough through his punditry to not have to advertise a betting site.

The bloke is a hypocrite.


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I dislike Merson but it was an interesting watch to be fair. Interesting to see his brain activity when shown gambling videos, compared to other visual stimulants.

Regarding the hypocrisy of him calling out the betting companies, I can see your point. Think he should have touched on the fact he's advertised for betting companies in the past during the documentary, and said that it's now something he regrets doing.

Hopefully he won't be doing any in the future.


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Some right horrible comments on this thread

give your heads and shake, grow up and have some F***ing empathy

what a repulsive vile message board this is at times

I have no idea why I’ve looked to people on here for help with my mental health. Seriously.

it’s only a bloody game of football