Paddy McNair


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His best position is where he is playing right now. I know he think his best position is in midfield but it isn’t. He is playing incredible right now and long may it continue.
He’s our best defender, best midfielder and would probably score more than Britt if he played up front. He could replace the ageing Fernandinho at Man City and not look out of place. Either that or he just stands out so much because the rest of our team are so average.


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Never wanted to sell him, he's a very good footballer. Ironically that's probably worked against him a bit as it means he's quite capable of playing several positions. Tempting to play him further forward due to the quality he has, carries a goal threat too. But does look like centre back in a 3 suits him best.

Keeps this up all season can see him going for a small fortune in the summer. Early days yet mind.