Our lads have bottle.


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Knowing fine well the pack behind were closing in and Sheffield United pulled away, they knew anymore slips would give all our challengers an immense lift.
Instead to put 4 past a team who's unbeaten in 7 and let Sheffield United stew for the next two weeks that we've won yet again is excellent!
I love this team


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You could see by the way we started the game that we were desperate to right a wrong and put in an improved performance.

We moved the ball quickly and had that hunger and desire to win the ball and mop up the 2nd balls.

I'd imagine Carrick will have just said to them go back to playing like you play today and we'll be fine.


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They didn’t show the nerves though and that’s the good thing. They also make football look easy a lot of the time.
We have a great bunch right now, from the terraces, to the pitch, to the boardroom, to the manager, to the training ground.

Jedi boro

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I think the extra day Stoke City had to recover and prepare helped them on Tuesday night. Also having no suspension hanging over Howson helped him today. Fry and Forss were also fresh today. It was good management to bring them in.
We def looked a lot sharper today.

We looked Drained mid week but today that spark and hunger was back.