Our kit looks miles better when we wear red shorts.


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"Players facing red-clad goalkeepers scored on fewer penalty kicks than those facing either blue- or green-clad goalkeepers , but no differences in expectancy of success emerged. The findings indicate that athletes wearing red may have an advantage over their opponents"

Red away keeper top, Black home keeper top.. and a bright yellow change keeper top.


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Dunno. more professional looking club with an identity. Hummel white stripe kits have been the best kits weve had since the last time hummel made our kits. White stripe instantly means Boro to non Boro fans. About time the club and some fans albeit the minority embraced it a little more... with red shorts

Simply red

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All red .
Look and play like a pub team in white shorts and socks .
That's my excuse , the kit .
As Maddo just said , too lacks a daisy 🙂