Open water swimming in Teesside.


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Scaling Dam is closed for open water swimming.

Is the tees barrage open?

Is it safe to swim in the tees near Yarm or dinsdale?


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You can swim at the Blue Bell in Yarm, Preston Park as above, you can go to Dinsdale but not sure where, Ellerton also near Richmond supposed to be good.

I‘m not a swimmer by the way, can just about do a length but I know somebody who does this sort of thing.
I was fishing at Preston park last week and there were a couple of swimmers, also a few canoeist, guys On paddle boards and the odd boats going up and down , absolutely great to see many different activities being used on the river.
.......... and great to see how water quality has improved. No more ..... "you can't swim in the Tees, you just go through the motions":poop:


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I used to swim between Preston Park and Hally's Woods (Quarry Wood) in the late 70's and it was a bit manky back then. I think its a fair bit cleaner now.
Ellerton Lake near Scorton is an excellent open water swimming spot, much better than the Tees.


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From an outsiders perspective , open river swimming in Port Clarence surrounded by Teesside’s synomonous architecture sounds appealing .