"One trick pony" bands


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What bands have made their entire career on just the one song, which they rehash over and over ?

I'm listening to Tom Tom Club's - Genuis of Live LP (Record store day release) and with the title, the two versions of Genius of Love on the LP and the couple of riffs from the song that they also pepper throughout the rest of the album - it seems they really struggle to get away from probably their most famous song.

Anymore like that who aren't necessarily "one hit wonders" that had one song and then went away ?


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Beatles ;)

Nearly every song featured John, Paul, George or Ringo - one trick ponies

We got the odd tune with Eric Clapton or featuring Billy Preston - but on the whole.... a band that future generations may not remember

..... this is a joke btw
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Vengaboys immediately sprung to mind. Difference with some of the other mentions is that the one "song" is actually *****.


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I sense this thread will quickly just descend into disagreements about which bands are actually 'good'.

Radiohead - all wrist-slashing drab nonsense. "Ah yeah but Fitter Happier is dead different to Creep" etc etc.

Piccadilly Day Tripper

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Oh come on, thoroughly enjoyed them but largely repetitive
Guess we will have to agree to differ ;)

I think its an easy statement to make but I don't know how you can listen to something off Definitely Maybe, then something off their last album and say its still the same.

The quality might not have been there in the later stuff, and I get how the Gallaghers would wind people up and drive them away, but I think there's enough variety in the music to not be a one trick pony band.

Here's one - another who I really like but its the same records: The Hives.