One of the best ever glam rock songs

Andy Scott is the only one left alive sadly, and he’s still keeping The Sweet name going with a U.K. tour later this year - they sold a hell of a lot of records back in the day too

Pygamarama was on the B side of the single I had. Another excellent song.

Didn't Eno say he was not human and was from a different planet?
Love Brian Eno`s "Before and after Science" and his ambient albums, espec "Music for Airports"(y)
Who started glam rock?
Marc Bolan or David Bowie?
Anyone else?

Bolan really, and I say that as a huge Bowie fan. he was the first of that cohort to have a rock band, first to have hits.

This is the apotheosis of Glam. if you were 12 like I was, you HAVE to drum along with the timpani bit. Great band Sweet; the Chinn and Chapman on the a-side, something big rocker by themselves on the b-side.