Old Maps


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Hi All- some time ago I posted a link to a map that could be overlaid with older maps-I have lost the link myself and I am blowed if I can find it. Could anybody post a link to it please?
There's many an afternoon to be lost over NLS maps. They are superb.
While Mrs T was in Morrisons in Teesside Park this morning I walked the dog along part of the old river, which was part of the Tees before the Mandale cut was made.. This got me wondering where the other end of the loop was before the cut was made. Still can't find it- it seems to disappear under Stockton Road.
When you zoom in around Cargo Fleet and look at the amount of railway lines, it's quite astonishing. I remember working in the last of the Dorman Long bays off South Bank Road in the 80s and there were old sleepers and buried rails all over the yard.