OJ Simpson - Dead


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Sky News reports, aged 76.

Just found out that the OJ stood for Orenthal James, never really thought about what his initials meant previously.
Norm was so good! "Murder is now legal in California" is one of the greatest comedy lines delivered in history.

Producer of SNL was friends with OJ and Norms constant attacks on him led to him being fired. Norm was one of a kind.

Indeed. Don't think I ever quite worked out for sure where he stood on anything.

I miss him.
He got off because the prosecution didn't do a good job, Cochrane did a better one and the bar is very high in a criminal case. There was also probably a racial element too.

By the time of the civil case a number of things were debunked that the defence had offered and more evidence was known, the race angle less of an issue, the history of domestic violence shown and the bar was much lower than beyond a reasonable doubt, hence the conviction.
I was fascinated by this trial when I was a young lad. Watched O.J Made In America a few times also still don't know how he managed to get off, but the prosecution did a real **** job of nailing him.
Wasn’t his car chase the start of the permanent news stories streaming continually? It was almost a mirror image of Natural Born Killers too.