Oh dear


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I expected something like this - the first splash in the press, the denials, then the real hammer blows afterwards exposing the lies that they resorted to after the first one.



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You have to admit that this has more plot twists than anything Shakespeare or Dickens could have written.
One does wonder how many others in government have been stretching the definition of lockdown seeing as they were so keen to jump to the defence of this piece of dirt. Of course, they'll now be thinking of ways to say they didn't know the full extent of Cummins wrongdoings and that it'll be up to Johnson to sack him.

What time does Iceland open on a Sunday as Boris might need a bigger fridge to hide in.


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48% of people polled think he shouldn’t resign. That’s enough public opinion to make me believe sadly he will brazen this one out.

However I hope this incident blows up the myth of the people v the elite which he has been the architect of the us V them. He is very much in the “them” camp together with Johnson and his team of cronies.
The Guardian, Observer and Mirror have done him like a kipper 😂 They’ve managed to drag the whole dirty amateur government out to defend him, then made them ALL look stupid. Arrogant, amateur charlatans.
They'll be playing a big game of Twitter Jeux sans frontières today, one team attempting to delete tweets whilst the other team rushes to screenshot as many as they can.

Fifty one so far:


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Well it is no wonder the North East has such a high ‘R’ now is it, especially given we know how vermin can quickly spread disease amongst humanity and pack leader Cummins has been up there. What an odious piece of modern day hypocritical behaviour from somebody who clearly believes he is above the law.

If this Government and Johnson in particular wishes to come out of this with even an ounce of credibility, he must sack him. If he doesn’t then I hope there are enough good men and women on the back benches to put enough pressure on him. If he remains then politics and the trust of the people will be lost for many. I firmly believe Thatcher would have sent him packing.

As every second ticks by, honour, respect and integrity within British politics slowly drains away leaving nothing more than a black hole. Amateur footage has even been leaked showing the latest emergency cabinet meeting to discuss this crisis, involving the entire 1922 committee with Johnson and Cummins clearly present, held away from the glare of No10, socially distancing at all times naturally.

Leaked footage