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I'm not feeling it, I've lost that loving feeling for Hummel


100s of designs over 40 people involved over a year and that's what we have.


This was a complete pish take too!

Wasn't impressed. I've set my limit.. and that's it. It should be like shooting fish in a barrel. Very poor imo.
Liked the red home shirt, one of the few Riverside shirts I've thought looked smart


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I don’t mind the new away kit and think it will grow on people, but would it really have been so hard to add a little bit more detail, like the new Gran Canaria kit…


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I don’t mind the new away kit and think it will grow on people, but would it really have been so hard to add a little bit more detail, like the new Gran Canaria kit…
I’ve wanted a green kit with gold lettering FOR AGES!! Why on earth they didn’t do it for Ramsdens I do not know (as suggested by me at the time)


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I’m happy with Hummel. I think they’ve been brilliant.
Definitely. Best kits weve had in modern times. Errea were poor. But at least we were the first English club to have them, these days quite a few do. Other than tge white stripe which should come as standard because its what makes us look like Boro, the black socks for man utd, white socks for Chelsea, all red for liverpool we need to stop being nostalgic about old kit manufacurers, ex players or generally rememeberwhen the clubor the town almost did something but didnt. Look to the future and make of that what we can


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£42 for a kids away shirt..


shocking. the white 'special edition' shirt was shocking also. a total rip off. AND the MFC Foundation one


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A Boro kit should be red with a white band, red shorts with white trim and white socks with red trim.

Away kits can vary but a return to black and blue stripes, sky blue shorts and socks would be an iconic kit that could only be Boro


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The more I'm seeing it.. the more I'm loving it! NEED! NEED! NEED!

When do the squad lists come out? I wanna get a players name and number on the back!!!


Obviously I've had a guess myself.. but last time I guessed 24 for Ravel Morrison and now I look like a right pillock!

1 GK Joe Lumley
2 DF Anfernee Dijksteel
3 DF Ciaron Brown
4 DF Grant Hall
5 MF Sam Morsy
6 DF Dael Fry
7 MF Marcus Tavernier
8 MF Lewis Wing
9 FW Uche Ikpeazu
10 FW Josh Maja
11 MF Sammy Ameobi
12 FW Marcus Browne
13 GK Brad James
14 MF Yannick Bolasie
15 MF Nathan Wood
16 MF Jonny Howson (captain)
17 DF Paddy McNair
18 MF Duncan Watmore
19 MF Nathanial Mendez-Laing
20 DF Darnell Fisher
21 MF Martin Payero
22 DF Lee Peltier
23 MF Jeremie Sivi
24 FW Michael Smith
25 MF Matt Crookes
26 MF Lázaro Vinícius Marques
27 DF Marc Bola
29 MF Djed Spence
30 GK Orjan Nyland
31 GK Sol Brynn
32 MF Pharell Willis
33 MF Hayden Coulson
34 MF Hayden Hackney
35 MF Alberto Baldé
36 FW Stephen Walker
37 MF Isaiah Jones
38 MF Isaac Fletcher
39 FW Rumarn Burrell
40 DF Williams Kokolo
41 MF Isiah Cornet
42 MF Sam Folarin
43 FW Rodrigo Muniz
44 DF Cain Sykes
45 FW Josh Coburn
46 MF Connor Malley
47 DF Jack Robinson
48 MF Tom Chiabi
49 MF Malik Dijksteel
50 DF James Cook
51 MF Anthony Renton
52 MF Joseph Gibson
53 DF Daniel Dodds
54 DF Luke Drummond
55 DF Joshua Wells
56 DF Josh Marshall
57 MF Harry Green
58 GK Max Metcalfe
59 FW Jason Lokilo
60 FW Calum Kavanagh
69 DF Sol Bamba
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Missed this. It isn’t bespoke? 😂 it’s got Transporter Bridges stitched into it ffs 😂
The home shirt isn't bespoke , it is a slightly changed version of the last 2 years home shirt, meaning people won't buy it IMO. ( or limited sales)
Does it really matter ? Kit sales help the club, and also the more wearing it, the more the brand is advertised.
It is also a feel good factor for fans, who wear it with pride.
Both kits fail to deliver. A 3rd kit might fit the bill, but let the fans pick it, not a person in the club shop.