New Music 2024


Fancy Gap is the new project from The Love Language’s Stuart McLamb and songwriter/producer Charles Crossingham and this is their debut single. “‘How To Dance’ was one of the first songs Charles and I wrote together,” says Stuart. “We sat down and mapped out about 90% of it in about 30 minutes—lyrics, arrangement, and all. The vocal, guitars, and bass were all pretty much first takes. Charles helped finesse the arrangement and had the great idea to get Rami and Will for the track, who really made the whole thing feel alive,” explains McLamb. “A lot of people ask, ‘how did you get a Foo Fighter on your track??’ Legend has it that Charles worked at a guitar shop many years ago and Rami came in while on tour with the Wallflowers. Charles ended up jamming with him, and told him ‘there will be a day where I have a record worthy of you playing on it and I’m gonna hit you up.’ Sure enough, Rami kept his word. We like to joke that he’s in the band and he graciously plays along. We connected with Will while down in Muscle Shoals finishing the song with Craig Alvin. No exaggeration, his outro is one of our favorite guitar solos of all time.”

DIRTY THREE – “LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING PART 1”..............................think I might be giving this album a miss.

Warren Ellis, Mick Turner and Jim White are back as Dirty Three, and have announced Love Changes Everything, their first album in 12 years, that will be out June 28.


Psychedelic alt-country vets Beachwood Sparks are back and have announced Across The River Of Stars, their first album in 12 years, which will be out July 19 via Curation Records. Original members Chris Gunst (guitar/vocals), Brent Rademaker (bass/vocals), and Farmer Dave Scher (lap steel/keys/vocals), along with newer members Ben Knight (guitar), Jen Cohen Gunst (keys/guitar) and Andres Renteria (drums) made the album with producer Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes.