New Music 2022

Yard Act - Human Sacrifice (Live at the Brudenell Social Club)..................................still unreleased apparently.

Human Sacrifice is a track that keeps shape shifting, it was the second demo me and Ryan wrote (after Trapper's) and we still haven't captured it right on record yet, though it is getting closer... This live version is a document of a slippery song mid skin shed, and only exists in footage form for the foreseeable, maybe forever... We would like to make a definitive recording at some point but we're also not that hung up on it.It keeps changing live, so for the most exclusive limited edition version, why don't you come catch us playing it (or not) on tour.

Yard Act - Gangsters (The Specials cover) (Selector Radio 20th anniversary)...........................obviously last these thre wont be on Spotify.

Back in January we were invited by Jamz Supernova and Selector radio to play a live show at the Total Refreshment Centre in London to celebrate their tips for 2021 (which included us, obviously) - But understandably the show never happened. Instead Jamz invited us to do a cover of an important British artist of our choice for the show instead. We chose The Specials, because they're an amazing, important band that embody a side of Britishness we can actually get behind.

Being a bit bogged down in all the lockdown pandemonium, we ended up recording it as a split screen video performance, forgetting that it was for a radio show. So... the track got used, but the video obviously didn't, then we forgot about it, UNTIL NOW!

So here it is, hopefully the last time we will ever have to perform live in this way again, a relic, an artifact to remember a weird year and a bit by, our LOCKDOWN SESSION of Gangsters by The Specials.

One for Wyke Red

BEYOND THE BLACK - Is There Anybody Out There?

Sorry just catching up. One of my favorite bands.
Looking forward to seeing them next month in London, It will be my first trip to the capital since lockdown. Will see themagain in November in Utrecht.
Both rescheduled dates about three times