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watched these two at the weekend, both very interesting:

]Las tres muertes de Marisela Escobedo

watched this at the weekend - really shows how corrupt Mexico is and how little value is placed on life! Their legal system is so messed up that if i were to go to the police and confess to a murder that is not enough to convict me - watch to find out why!

Chicago 7 - about political activists in the 70s, again more corruption, I thought the director had used creative licence as some of the rings that happened in the courtroom were ridiculous- however after researching the facts I could confirm that the judge was absolutely mental!

I can’t say too much without spoiling but would recommend either.


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Since Covid my graph would be

Booze -95%
TV - 90% from a low basis
Watching football - 100%
Eating chocolate + 100%
Reading + 100%
music +. Too many noughts


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Unsolved Mysteries - just releases Season 2 , love this except for the fact they are unsolved, some fascinating cases on there.